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Fencing Tyler Tx

Welcome to Fence Company Tyler Tx! We can help you with any of your fence installation needs! We build new fences, replace existing fences, repair fences, and everything in between!

People sometimes find us when they search “fence company near me” or “fence company Tyler Tx” and lots of other ways. 

Fence Companies in Tyler Texas

As the best Tyler fence company, we feel that it is very important to maintain high customer satisfaction. Doing the best job for our customers is our biggest priority. If you are looking for different fence companies in Tyler Texas and surrounding areas to come to your property and install a fence, make sure that you hire a company with the following qualities:

  • FREE estimates on ALL services
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Warranty on labor and fence products
  • High quality fence products from reputable fence suppliers
  • And so much more . . .
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Residential and Commercial – Fencing Tyler Tx

Fence Company Tyler Tx will build a fence on any type of property, whether commercial or residential and we we make sure to get all of the necessary permits required. 

So why install a fence? 

People install fencing for many reasons. The top 3 reasons are privacy, security, and to increase property value.

Privacy – People like to have privacy at their properties, especially at their residential property. A fence can provide a lot of privacy depending on the fence style and material that is chosen. 

Security – Fencing can bring a lot of security to a property as well. Keep unwanted people and animals out or keep kids and pets safely inside the property. Some commercial properties may want to keep a boundary or perimeter around their property but still maintain visibility. 

Increase Property Value – A fence typically always adds value to any property. They can beautify a property and there is a lot of value in adding privacy and security. 

Different Fence Types

Our fence builders can build any type of fence in most any style that is available. Below are the different materials of fencing that you can build a fence out of:

  • Metal chain link
  • Metal steel, aluminum, or wrought iron ornamental
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

When looking for other fence companies in Tyler Tx, it’s important to know if they have the expertise to install the type of fence you are looking for. Most of the fence styles we can install at your property include chain link fence, wood fence, privacy fence, vinyl fence, split rail fencing, wood gate, security gates, custom gates, black chain link fence, wrought iron fencing, horse fencing, cattle fencing, aluminum fencing, and so many more types of ‘fence installation near me’.

We also provide fence repair in Tyler Tx as a service in case is makes more sense for you to fix or mend a damaged fence rather than completely tear down and replace it. 


Fence Company Tyler Tx Services

Wood Fencing Tyler Tx

Wood fencing is very popular and traditional style of fence. The wood look is very inviting and can bring a warm feeling to any property. Wood is very customizable, with different paint, and stain, and many different styles that can be chosen.

Fence Repair Tyler Tx

Our fence repair contractors are the best in the area. We can come to your property and let you know whether it is best to repair your damaged fence or to replace it. It may make more sens and be much more affordable to fix it instead, so call us today to determine whether our fence repair services are right for the job!

Chain Link Fence Tyler Tx

If you are looking foraffordable chain link fence installation that provides lots of security and visibility, investing in a chain link fence may be a great step! Chain link comes in a variety of styles and colors! Call today for chain link fence cost.

Vinyl Fencing Tyler Tx

Vinyl requires very little maintenance due to is durability in any weather condition. Vinyl comes in many different colors and styles and can also increase your property value.

Ornamental Iron

If you want the look of a wrought iron fencing Tyler Tx, get an ornamental fence. Either made our of steel or aluminum, ornamental fences provide security and can add beauty to any property.

Hire Us, One Of The Top Tyler Fence Companies

As one of the very best fence companies Tyler, we provide high quality fence installation Tyler Tx. It’s no wonder that 9 out of 10 people end up choosing us to install their fence Tyler Texas at their property. Our fence contractors are some of the top installers in the area and we pride ourselves in being the best. 

A Tyler fence company should make fences that are high quality and provide service to its customers that are the best in the area!

We install chain link, vinyl, wood, all types of gates, wrought iron, pool fences, and lots of other different styles of fences.

Just let us know how we can help and we will help you! Call our fence contractors Tyler Tx for a FREE consultation!

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Before we can give you a price, it would be best to schedule a time for us to come to your property and give you a free quote. Whether you have a commercial property or residential home, our staff will come and provide honest and reliable suggestions for your fence and keep your budget in mind.  Compared to other fence companies Tyler Tx, we know what it will take and know your needs and wants.


After the estimate, we will schedule a day to install your fence and order your materials! Depending on the type of fence you want at your property will determine how quickly we get the materials from the fence supplier. If your project requires any custom fence products, the timeframe for delivery will take longer. 


As soon as the materials are delivered, we will start installing your fence, beginning with getting the fence posts set in the ground with concrete and then moving on with the rest of the installation. 

The fence posts will need to cure first before we install the rest of the fence. This also depends on the weather, but more than likely the fence posts should be set and cured enough to install the rest of the fence within 24 hours and sometimes even the same day if the fence load and weight is minimal.

Step 4 – REVIEWS

Once your project is complete, we hope that we can get a positive review from you on how we did during the process. From the initial bid all the way to project completion. How did our contractors do? Were we easy to talk with? Did we install your fence correctly? If not, did we fix the problem efficiently? Did we provide good value? How was our customer service? We want you to consider these questions and more and then provide and honest review of our company that we may use on our website or on other areas across the internet. 

We also will ask you for referrals. If we installed your fence and you were happy with the process, we would hope that you would refer us to your family and friends and neighbors who are in need of a fence. 

We stand by our craftsmanship and fence product quality as well as our honest and trustworthy and affordable business values. We look forward to talking with you today!



We are expert Tyler Texas fence contractors. We are affordable and have great value. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate!


We provide many fencing services in Tyler Texas and other surrounding areas including:

  • Longview, Tx
  • Lindale, Tx
  • Athens, Tx
  • Whitehouse, Tx
  • Noonday, Tx
  • Bullard, Tx
  • Hideaway, Tx
  • And so many other surrounding areas

About Tyler Texas

Tyler Texas is located in Eastern Texas between Dallas and Shreveport, La. Tyler is known for its roses and is the Rose Capital in the US with the largest rose garden. 

Tyler is a smaller city compared to other cities located in Texas, with over 100,000 people that live here.

Tyler Texas is a great place to live if you are looking for an outdoorsy and recreational-focused city that offers a stress-free getaway away from the hustle of overpopulated cities.



  • Our installation costs vary and depend on a few factors:

    • Material
    • Style
    • Linear Feet
    • Height
    • Number of Gates
    • Type of property (commercial or residential)
    • and lots more . . .

    The best way to know how much it will cost to install your fence is to call us!


  • Each fence type and style has its own advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, there is no fence material that is better than any other. 

    To find out which fence Tyler Tx is best for you call us today!


  • We understand that there are a lot of fence companies Tyler Tx. But there are only a few that have amazing fence installers that do amazing jobs. When you are looking for fence companies in Tyler Tx, consider us and get a free estimate! We have the most reliable fence installation near me, so contact us today!


It’s no wonder why so many people pick us to install their Tyler fencing. See what our clients who looked for fencing in Tyler Tx have to say below:

  • QUALITY Tyler Tx Fences!

    I was looking for fencing contractors near me and was super impressed with the build quality of these fences. Nicely done. Will use again!

    QUALITY Tyler Tx Fences!
    Carter Thomas
    April 9, 2019

    I really liked the professionalism that I received from these amazing fence contractor near me. You can’t find customer service like this any more! Glad is still exists! Thanks for your hard work.

    Richard Johnson
    May 7, 2019
  • Fence Repair EXPERTS

    Part of my fence broke and I needed it fixed. These fence installers near me came by and fixed it right up. Much less expensive than getting a new one!

    Fence Repair EXPERTS
    Barb Wilson
    September 2, 2018


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